What is GSTCOIN?

GSTCOIN(Hereinafter referred to as GST)

GST is a secure, transparent and professional decentralized business application platform. As a public chain of payments with public trust and technical trust. Supported by blockchain technology, the use of blockchain technology greatly reduces transaction costs, improves circulation efficiency, and integrates application systems and blockchain platforms in the industry to achieve seamless integration of new technologies with traditional industries and existing application systems. In order to break through the technical bottleneck of the original traditional payment platform, realize its unique payment business logic in the blockchain smart contract.

Why we are different?

GST blockchain lab


Based on the GST public chain, it promotes 100% asset data transparency and transparent implementation of key code execution transparency.


Launched a multi-signed independent decentralized wallet product, open source code to the developer community, and run our services on the blockchain in a self-developed plus collaborative manner.


Realize full link asset monitoring and user access control. Established cooperation with well-known security agencies, through China and other security level 3, EU GDPR, US PCI information security standards.


GST globally releases 1.2 billion pieces, of which 200 million are redistributed

Initial Token Distribution


Token Redistribution



The first stage, complete GST public chain development (completed)

Organize and publish the latest version of the white paper to build a multi-chain three-mode wallet (completed in October 2019)

The second phase, complete and improve the GST trading system and payment system

GST will be listed on the exchange, interconnected with the market, forming the exchange platform currency, while the carpet-style promotion GST public chain

In the third stage, you can use GST for consumption, shopping, and lending.

In the third stage, you can use GST for consumption, shopping, and lending.


You can find some common questions about GSTCOIN here.If you have any further questions, please contact our team.

What kind of problem does GST solve?

GST will provide enterprises with efficient blockchain solution services, and at the same time evolve the financial system into an ecological and extended to the basic industrial chain, value chain and ecological chain, and cooperate with various financial institutions and physical industries. Build a multi-domain application ecosystem, realize the seamless connection between digital currency and the physical world, and let digital currency be applied to various transaction consumption scenarios to truly activate digital assets.

What is GST's project vision?

Convenient for GST users around the world with transparent, autonomous digital currency; To build a circular economy system featuring economic development, value remodeling, putting people first and promoting harmonious and unified consumption; Include all digital assets, covering all walks of life in the world

What are GST's wallet products?

(1) Cloud wallet is also a managed wallet. Users entrust private keys and digital assets to other organizations for management.
(2) Hot wallet is also called decentralized wallet. It refers to the wallet that the Internet can access your private key. The transaction transfer is efficient and easy to use.
(3) Card wallet, which realizes the protection of the card wallet private key, never touches the net, and ensures the security of the user's funds while facilitating the management and use of the user's assets.

What are the GST landing applications?

GST landing applications include mall access, customizable smart contract games, trading systems, P2P integrity mortgage lending applications.

Project endorsement on GST

GST is a comprehensive digital application platform that integrates encrypted payment currency with blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. It is sponsored by MHC Assest Management Corporation and is dedicated to providing each user with the most valuable intelligent digital asset services. Create a brand new GST digital public chain in the market structure. The digital public chain project GST received the US MSB certificate on August 6. GST is a comprehensive digital application platform integrating encryption payment currency, blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. It is committed to providing each user with the most valuable intelligent digital asset service.